Kayaking around the waters at Hollant beach in Goa is both scenic and peaceful. Most days the water is calm, with distant hills and the shore on the opposite side, giving the impression of kayaking in a lake. If you're lucky you might spot Dolphins in the distance or they might swim right past your kayak.


Half hour kayaking | INR 500/- per person

If you're pressed for time, a half hour paddle out is a good way to experience kayaking and watch the beach from the waters for a change.

  • INCLUDES: Kayak, paddle, PFD (Personal flotation Device), Guide, Refreshments, changing room & taxes

  • Suitable for 8+ years old

One hour kayaking | INR 800/- per person

With more time on hand, you can better your paddle techniques & learn to climb back in your kayak for when you fall over. We paddle along the shore, spot smaller beaches en-route, look out for the Kingfisher that's almost perched on the rocks every time, take in the view and soak up some sun. 

  • INCLUDES: Kayak, paddle, Personal flotation Device, Guide, refreshments, changing room & taxes

  • Suitable for 12+ years old with moderate fitness

Sunrise kayaking with breakfast | INR 1000/- per person

Paddle out around Hollant bay for an hour. Watch the sunrise from the sea. Paddle back to shore for a hearty breakfast.

  • INCLUDES: Kayak, paddle, personal flotation device, breakfast, guide & taxes

  • Suitable for Sun-risers and hungry humans


What better way to end the day than watching the sunset from the sea & sitting by BBQ fires later? One hour sunset kayaking followed by a BBQ (5-9pm)

  • INCLUDES: Kayak, Paddle, PFD, Guide, Veg/Non Veg BBQ & taxes

  • Suitable for those looking at letting their hair down