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Pavana Lake Festival - Kayaking at Pavana Lake, Lonavla

  • Pavana Lake Festival Thakursai Village Road Thakursai, MH, 412108 India (map)

There are things about Lake Pavana that make it so special in the monsoons. The sweeping mountain vista, proud fortresses, lush green country, tinkling waterfalls, pristine clear lake waters, all leave an indelible mark on the visitor. It’s no surprise the denizens of Bombay and Poona make a beeline for Lake Pavana during the weekend, to enjoy nature in its glory. There is no better place in India to enjoy a perfect family weekend kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, paragliding, trekking, cycling or running.

The Pavana Lake Festival is a celebration of that great weekend spirit that drives the bold new generation. Over the years the Festival has grown from a Sailing Regatta to fully fledged outdoor event encompassing each of the water, air and land-based sporting activities synonymous with Lake Pavana. All this during the wet misty monsoon, the unique element that defines the Pavana Lake Festival feel.

This year too, the Pavana Lake Festival throws open its doors to the young and young at heart to come and enjoy an activity-filled the outdoor weekend with the family. One doesn’t need to be a sailor or a swimmer to hit the lake waters in a boat or a kayak. There are trained people around to show you how. With quick & easy instructions one start enjoying kayaking quickly and securely - with safety arrangements in place.

Get your gang together early morning on Sat, 25th August for the Pavana Lakeside Ride, a relaxed 38 km trail-biking experience on the offroad hill tracks… fording streams, skimming waterfalls, pedaling through verdant valleys. A great ride with a grandstand view of more than a hundred Wet’n Wild Regatta 2018 sailboats racing on the stunning waters of Lake Pavana.

The more energetic ones put on their running shoes for the 7 km long Great Monsoon Dash in early morning drizzle next day!

Book yourselves an experience or two:

Book your stay at Camp Deogadh or Paradise Cove
 or choose from multiple options at Lonavla a 30-40 minute drive away