Why YOU should Kayak?

To Move

Once we’ve learned how to swim, some of us always want to go further, a little bit more every time. The idea of moving from one place to another excites us. The sense of achievement from point A to point B can be exhilarating even.  Just swimming can be tiring and takes immense training to achieve.  Kayaking on the other hand is easy to learn and easy to master with sufficient practice.  Kayaks are available for all occasions, locations and conditions thus making it a versatile sport.
To start with sit-on-top kayaks are the best, as the name suggests you sit on top of your kayak. They are usually shorter and broader, making them perfect for recreation or to get you a little further into the sea or lake.
When you try Kayaking for the first time you don’t want to feel trapped in, sit-on-tops avoid just that, they’re easy to climb in and out of, fall from yet are still safe for beginners.
Find a kayak school or center closest to you and get started, get moving, get a little more active. This brings us to the next reason…

kayak camp at hollant beach goa.jpg

To Exercise

Paddling is a great way to exercise your core; it’s the part of our body that is often neglected. The core supports the torso and every small or big movement relies on its muscles.  Paddling or kayaking correctly gives the core a great workout without you realizing it.  Off course you will still having fun paddling around and exploring the open blue.
How do you know if you’re paddling correctly? If you feel the ache in your back muscles the next day and not your arms, you are doing it right. Beginners should start paddling short distances for shorter duration; initially we all use our arms until we realize they tire easily. You might have the energy to go out and none left to get back. Until you learn to paddle correctly don’t stray too far from shore and conserve energy for the return trip. Although nature can help you out, if you’re willing to ride the waves, like in the next format for example…

Couple kayaking.jpg

To Surf

Yes, to surf. Riding a wave back to shore is one of the many ways to partake in nature’s pure awesomeness. Be it a body board, surf or SUP board; or even a kayak it’s always exciting to catch ‘just one more wave’. When you’re ready to experience more, take a look at kayak surfing. You will need to learn a few more tricks and safety measures before you get started. The waves are fun to ride back once you’re geared to face them head on and are willing to get smacked around and knocked about. Always wear a helmet, an impact vest or a buoyancy aid. Among a few skills you’ll need to learn, is to paddle fast and hard and use your paddle as a rudder to steer you to shore once you catch that wave. But from the shore the horizon looks so tempting doesn’t it? Well a few brave souls embark on kayaks to discover just how far they can go and for that you will need…

kayak surfing at Hollant beach

To Explore

When the distance between point A and B increases, you probably are ready to look up expedition kayaks and kayaking. These are long and narrow and require you to sit in and cover up to block the water out. Kayaking in these requires an advanced set of skills but it can be achieved with some practice, patience and a good instructor.  Traveling from coast to coast via the means of a kayak is simply redefining travel and the journeys you’ve taken so far. No queues to wait in, no loud honking or cars bumping. An occasional turtle maybe or curious dolphins, flock of birds or clouds shaped to fancy your imagination. Well we can’t ignore the sharks and crocs depending on your location. The jaw battles have been fought too and some inspiration can be found in Sandy Robson’s Journey. As an experience kayaking invites you…

sea kayaking .jpeg

To fall in love...

With a loved one, with yourself or just nature all over again. Double seated kayaks are available in Sit-on-Tops and in semi seat in styled kayaks. You could paddle out in doubles or a just a couple single seat kayaks. Enjoy a sunset together or a session of fishing by the lake. Teach your kids how to paddle or try catching small surf. Be it you and your partner, family and friends or just you out with nature you can’t just help but feel refreshed and full of life, you can’t help but fall in love all over again. All you need to do is just take the time and give it a go or should I say row?
Whatever the reason may be, as long as it’s Kayaking that set’s you free.